The Ages of Man

“Gather round children, for I shall tell the tale of the world.

At first there were the Gods, and the primal chaos of magic. They loved and lost, built and destroyed, lived and died, as the primal creatures of the rift swirled around them.

This was the Age of Mists.

Yet even Gods grow bored. As new Gods were born, and old withered and died, they shaped things to their whim and will. Soon their new creations walked with them in the wonders that they made. Glories and legends were shaped, heroes and villains clashed, and lands rose and fell.

This was the Age of Steel.

Soon Man walked by themselves. Gods ruled their realms, and we gave them due worship. Yet with mortal toil Grand Kingdoms were built, marvels were constructed,wars were fought, and Empires fell.

This was the Age of Stone.

But all ages must end, and one day the Gods looked down from their celestial homes and saw a world girt with war. Princes and Wizards, Queens and Warriors, General and Priest all lusted for the power of the Gods, and with their strength strove for them. As the War of Embers raged it begat a conflagration , and such an inferno spread across the face of the world.

This was the Age of Fire.

But as all ages must end, so too must new ones begin, for it is not yet our final days. Some sought to begin anew, and as fire and chaos raged above, they found sanctuary in the earth. Far underground many built again. They lived and died, built and destroyed, loved and lost. While fire above them ran it’s course.

This was the Age of Earth.

And now children, we return to the world. We walk it’s lands beneath an open sky. We explore, and rebuild, and live, and struggle.

For this is the Age of the Second Stone."

The Ages of Man

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