On the Drowning Way.

4. Docks And Demarcations
Second Watch attempts to stop dug smuggling in Thorn.

A simple turn of customs duty turns into something more deadly as the party discovers a smuggling ring. The bloody finale leaves few standing as Second Watch trace the shipments back to a small island, and are given orders to destroy all traces.

3. Arenas And Asignations
Second Watch hunts a hydra in the sewers of Thorn.

When a beast escapes from the local fighting pit, there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. Second Watch gets an insight into the seedy underworld of Thorn, even before they head into the sewers.

2. Trenches and Tribulations
Second Watch goes on its first mission

Their first mission for the watch sees the party descend into the maze of trenches left over from the war. The Path Of Daggers offers many perils before Second Watch can find out what happened to their predecessors.

1. Caravans and Consternation
On the way to Thorn

A simple stint as caravan guards, becomes a struggle for survival as the party fights off a raiding party of goblins.

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